Optomap Retinal Exam

Why Is a Retinal Exam Important?


How Does Optomap Improve Retinal Exams?

In the past, a standard undilated retinal exam could only provide us a limited view of the retina – about 15% of the total retina in the back of the eye. Any potential problems that existed beyond this field of vision would be difficult to detect, without using drops to dilate the pupils.

The Optomap imaging device is able to capture a much wider view of the retina – about 82% of the total layer. That’s more than 5 times the coverage, again without having to go through much (if any) additional trouble.

What to Expect from Optomap

An Optomap imaging exam is as simple as looking into the device. Look through the hole, one eye at a time, and a flash of light will capture the image of your retina. The capture takes about half a second and nothing will touch your eye at any time during the test.

It may not be necessary to dilate your pupils for this exam. However, there are some situations where we may recommend dilation to ensure the best results.

A Simple and Thorough Retinal Exam