Treating Dry Eyes with iLux

What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction?

dry eyes

How iLux Treatment Works

The iLux is a handheld instrument that is easily used by the doctor or technician to treat patients with MGD.  The iLux safely applies heat and pressure to the eyelids to express the meibomian glands and remove blockages.

The iLux device is set into position against the upper or lower eyelid. A soft, silicone pad helps ensure comfort during the process.

Light-based heat is applied to the eyelid, melting the oil within the meibomian glands. Gentle pressure then helps ease the melted oil out of the glands to clear them. Both the heat and pressure are strictly controlled, and we can directly view the glands to verify that the treatment is working. If adjustments need to be made for any reason, we can easily make them.

The upper and lower eyelid of each eye is treated individually. The total treatment time for both eyes typically runs 8-12 minutes. If certain areas are proving more difficult to treat, we can return to them until the oils have been fully expressed.

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